From Stefan Dollinger on the "bridges" Vol. 6 Article by Ursula Mathis-Moser

Dear editors -

Thank you very much for issue 6 of bridges, which contains very interesting information. Let me point out, however, that the article by Ursula Mathis-Moser "Building Bridges: Transatlantic Exchanges  between Austrian and Canadian Universities" contains an error.

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The author provides a very stimulating discussion of Austrian - Canadian academic relations, but misrepresents the very early initiative of my own alma mater, the University of Vienna, in this field. Instead of relegating Vienna as one of the slow movers in the field by dating the beginning of the exchange programme Vienna - University of Toronto to 1998 (see below, plus footnote 31), I can assure you, after having reconfirmed with the coordinator's office in Vienna, that the agreement between these two universities was signed in 1988, with exchanges commencing in 1989/90. For this reason, the University of Vienna, more specifically the Department of English and the Austrian programme coordinators Prof. Rauchbauer and Mag. Wittmann, deserve to be named among the pioneers, a role assigned only to Linz by the author. We should not disregard this early Viennese, highly successful, effort. I deem it imperative to complement an otherwise excellent article with this information.

Stefan Dollinger
Universitaet Wien, Department of English,
presently on leave of absence in Vancouver, Canada.{/access}