"The Magic of Mathematics" Lecture in Washington DC on November 7, 2005

Professor Rudolf Taschner was elected "Scientist of the Year 2004" by the Austrian Association of Science Journalists. On November 7th, in recognition of this honor, Rudolf Taschner was invited by the Office of Science & Technology (OST) to give a lecture entitled "The Magic of Mathematics" in Washington DC. He presented his work which emphasizes how math can be fun for children and adults around the world.

He discussed some of his ongoing projects and introduced the American audience to "math.space," a highly successful initiative he co-founded in January 2003 at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna that has reached out to the public by the thousands - even children as young as four years old.

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More than 150 people came to the Embassy of Austria to share "mathemagical moments" with Rudolf Taschner. In addition to the presentation of "math.space," he also spoke about the great minds of mathematics and gave insight into the infinity of math. Of special interest was the focus by Prof. Taschner on mathematical concepts of the golden section which appears in nature and fine art as well.


After the presentation, guests were invited to enjoy a dinner buffet with traditional Austrian foods. The relaxed atmosphere brought people to linger late into the evening and to continue further private discussions with Rudolf Taschner.

Please visit the OST download page for more pictures and a .pdf presentation of the event, background materials on Rudolf Taschner, math.space and other other information.



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