Calling All Astronauts: Apply to Be a Crew Member in a Mars Landing Simulation

AustroMars is Austria's largest and most unusual space exploration simulation project. A combination of vision, science, technology and fascination will set the stage for this nearly month-long mock Mars landing in the Utah desert. "Astronauts" will replicate in exact detail a manned Mars landing and will be supported not only by Austrian scientists and space experts and Mission Control Center, but also by many enthusiastic volunteers.

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AustroMars crew In order to stimulate technological developments geared towards the first Mars mission, the international Mars Society is testing a station that will simulate short-term Mars missions that would last no more than two weeks. The Utah desert not only looks like the surface of Mars, but offers an ideal environment useful for planning out future Mars missions. The Expedition AustroMars will host the first Mission simulation in 2006. All crew members, support personnel, the experiments and most of the hardware will come from Austria.

AustroMars is an exciting project for which space enthusiasts are needed, especially to fill positions as members in the six-person crew plus three back-up crew members. Anyone is eligible to apply as long as they AustroMars crew members talkingfeel they are able to abide by time constraints, and weather the technological, scientific and social aspects implied in a space exploration simulation. AustroMars crew positions will be awarded according to psychological and medical standards and the applicants' ability to work in a team environment. AustroMars in not looking for real astronauts and will not certify anyone to be a real astronaut. However, AustroMars is offering the opportunity for participants to be as close as possible to the real experience as they can get here on Earth.

Interested applicants should visit (German-language site).
Applications are due by October 1, 2005.

For further information, please contact:
Alexander Soucek
Tel.: +43 664 2824887 or
Tel.: +39 06941 80367
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