Re$earch Re$ources: Ludwig Boltzmann Call for Proposals

Bridges vol. 40, July 2014 / News from the Network

Advance notice of the fourth call for proposals for the establishment of new Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes:

The Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft (LBG) expects to launch the fourth call for proposals for Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes (LBIs) with a seven-year term in November 2014. The LBG’s newly established research focus, Health Sciences, has been defined as the subject area for the call.Proposals will be welcomed from highly qualified mid-career researchers who want to implement innovative ideas in cooperation with at least two partner organizations. It is anticipated that heading a LBI with a staff of at least 15 will be an attractive step forward in the careers of such researchers. Organisations looking to enhance their profiles by adding new fields of research, or establish new research focuses, are another target group for the call.

The purpose of this advance notice is to inform all interested parties of the upcoming call in good time, so that research ideas can be developed – in collaboration with prospective partners for theoretical and practical work – in the period leading up to the call.

Health Sciences research focus

Health Sciences is an overarching term covering all disciplines and research fields relating to health, and is interpreted broadly by the LBG. In line with the World Health Organization’s definition of health, it encompasses public health, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, psychology and nursing, as well as business and management, political science, sociology, statistics and other disciplines in cultural studies, humanities and the social sciences where they address questions related to health and well being. By introducing a Health Sciences research focus, the LBG is also pursuing a major theme of the Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme – tackling societal challenges – which includes research into health, demographic change and well being.

Interdisciplinary research sought

The LBG encourages interdisciplinary collaboration between scientists and partner organizations, with the aim of opening up areas of research in which synergistic collaboration between medical disciplines, and cultural studies, humanities and social sciences disciplines is essential, facilitating work on unconventional research topics that are not yet the focus of academic attention. Interdisciplinary research is a key consideration throughout the LBG’s review process for submitted proposals.


  • Consortia with at least one partner organization that will carry out research and one partner organization that will apply research are eligible to submit proposals.
  • Financing structure of submitted research programs:
    Basic funding provided by the LBG: approx. 60%
  • Funding provided by partner organizations: approx. 40%
  • Term of a LBI: seven years (fixed)
  • LBIs are research units established under the umbrella of the LBG, which has legal responsibility for them.


The procedure for the call for proposals will consist of two stages, as has been the case with previous calls. The first stage involves submission of a short proposal, which must include letters of intent from partner organizations agreeing to provide funding. Following a positive evaluation by international experts on the proposed research topic, proposers are invited to develop a more detailed proposal. The detailed proposal is subjected to a second international evaluation round. A jury composed of international experts prepares a ranking of the best proposals, and the LBG’s board of directors follows this recommendation for the establishment of LBIs. 

The LBG will separately announce the date for the start of the call for proposals. The announcement will be accompanied by publication of the guidelines for research proposals. An information event - the Proposers Day - will also be held.

Interested parties who would like to receive information by e-mail about the launch of the call may send their contact details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., using the subject line “Fourth call for proposals LBG”. Further information and updates on the call can be found at: