Exobase Vienna

Bridges vol. 40, July 2014 / Startup Corner

By Robin Tim Weis

To have real impact as an entrepreneur these days, one needs two things: “community" and "a very unconventional approach to solving problems.” So says Bryon Blair, a former participant in Exobase, the boot camp of Exosphere, a learning and problem-solving community founded in Chile in 2012. The group of international entrepreneurs who founded the community seeks to foster this unconventional approach and to bring about a “renaissance of humanism.” One Exosphere focus this summer is the launch of a two-day intensive boot camp named Exobase in Vienna. Exosphere hopes to separate from participants what they formerly thought about problem solving and transfer them to Exobase, which the entrepreneurs interpret as “the critical point where outside pressures no longer apply.”

Antonio Manno, cofounder of Exosphere, suggests that the two fundamental pains in life that cause most everyday suffering are “… doing work that is out of alignment with our calling, and broken relationships with other people.” Exobase plans to embark on a Europe-wide tour of startup eco-climates this summer, during which it will seek to amplify the career trajectory of European entrepreneurs.

Exosphere will work with the local Viennese incubator/working space Sektor 5. The boot camp promises to “unlearn the lies we’ve all been previously taught to tell ourselves and to bravely choose a road less traveled toward the life we are called to lead that brings our talent and passion to the world through creation, innovation, and business,” as the Exosphere website proclaims. These promises translate into two days of riveting workshops with such titles as: “Why Going It Alone Will Fail You” or “What Self-Reliance Really Means.”

Skinner Layne, the other cofounder of Exosphere, is “delighted to bring Exobase to Austria,” as it underlines “Austria’s historical position as a center of culture in Europe … that is now modernizing through entrepreneurship, innovation, and technological progress.” Consequently, the Exosphere team is “excited to be on the ground in Vienna, meeting with people in government, business, and academia to discuss how [we] can work together to make Central and Eastern Europe a leading region in innovation in the world.”