Stanford University—Austrian Visiting Professorship

Stanford University has an opening for an Austrian Visiting Professor.

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    1. The Austrian Visiting Professor will be in residence at Stanford for two quarters (6 months) of an academic year hosted by the Stanford Institute of International Studies (SIIS).
    2. Salaries are comparable to faculty at Stanford. For 2005-2006, 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 qualified Austrian scholars from relevant fields may apply. Duties include teaching one course per quarter (related to Austrian interests and wider European issues). Emphasis is on joint research and collaborative projects with Stanford faculty.
    3. Qualifications include credentials to teach and conduct research at Associate Professor rank or above at Stanford.
    4. Priority will be given to scholars whose research interests overlap with SIIS, the European Forum, and related Stanford departments. For the next three years, special consideration will be given to scholars in modern Austrian belles lettres, film, philosophy, and culture. Applications will also be considered from social scientists in the fields of the environment, political economy, security and conflict, global transformation and welfare state. A focus on EU policies will be welcome.
    5. Applicants are expected to identify Stanford faculty with whom they can collaborate if applicants have collaborated or intend to do so. For additional information on SIIS, see



  1. Questions on the application process should be directed to the Research Services and International Relations Office (Forschungsservice und Internationale Beziehungen) of the University of Vienna.
  2. Applications in English should be sent to Universität Wien, Forschungsservice und Internationale Beziehungen, Dr. Karl Lueger Ring 1, A-1010 Wien, no later than December 15, 2004 and must include the following documents:
    • Curriculum vitae
    • List of publications
    • List of ongoing research projects with relevance to the application
    • Statement of research to be conducted at Stanford
    • Proposal for possible courses to be held at Stanford
    • List of Stanford faculty with whom the applicant can collaborate.

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