MIT Europe Conference "Remaking Manufacturing" in Vienna, May 22–23

bridges vol. 37, May 2013 / Noteworthy Information

advantageaustria-logoExperts from the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will be in Vienna as guests of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber May 22–23, 2013. As part of the MIT Europe Conference 2013, international academics, business leaders, and technology experts will address the question of "Remaking Manufacturing."

Europe and the US have higher labor costs than many other economies do. If they are to compete in manufacturing in the global market, they need to be more innovative and efficient – by creating new paradigms in manufacturing, something especially important to SMEs. Leading MIT researchers will present their insights into the most critical problems and the potential of new movements such as Big Data, Collaborative Innovation Networks, Additive Manufacturing, Robotic Assistants, and Virtual Factories.

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MIT speakers such as Joseph Jacobson of the Media Lab and Michael Cusumano of the Sloan School of Management, as well as leading Austrian entrepreneurs like Armin Albert Rau, managing director TRUMPF Maschinen Austria, will put their stamp on the conference as a unique event that features both US and European perspectives.

For detailed information on the conference – including agenda and accommodations – visit the event Web site: