Apply Now: Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators Opens €3 Million Call in Cognitive Sciences

bridges vol. 37, May 2013 / Re$earch Re$ources

WWTF logo en RGBThe Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) opened its 4th Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators call for two positions, as part of WWTF's Cognitive Sciences program.

The call is addressed to universities and research institutions in Vienna that intend to hire an excellent young researcher from abroad for the setup and management of an independent research group. Young researchers interested in partnering with a Viennese university or research institution are encouraged to proactively contact the Viennese institution of their choice to explore the potential for a joint grant application. The application must be submitted by the institution at which the researcher would establish his/her research group.

  •  WWTF grants a total of €1.5 million per research group for 6 to 8 years. All proposals must address substantial state-of-the-art scientific research questions in the field of Cognitive Sciences and advance the systematic understanding of cognitive processes in humans, animals, and/or machines.
  • WWTF encourages Vienna-based research institutions to propose women who show potential to act as group leaders. Additional funding is possible in cases of successful submissions of female candidates.
  • WWTF takes unconventional research careers into consideration.
  • Deadline for submission of proposals: 2 p.m. EDT, July 25, 2013.

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Characteristics of a Vienna Research Group

A Vienna Research Group is typically the first "genuine" group led by a young researcher who undertakes the leadership responsibility for a group of several members. The program also enables group members to take the next step in their careers.

The leader of a Vienna Research Group leader is usually two to eight years past completion of their Ph.D.; however, childcare duties may extend this period by up to four years. S/he is independent in designing research work and recruiting staff for the research group. Particularly in the second phase (i.e., years 6, 6–7 or 6–8), the home institution supports the Vienna Research Group by means of contributions in addition to the WWTF funding.

About the call

The call process entails the submission of a concise proposal by the hosting university or research institution, and an interview with selected candidates. Note that this call uses a single-stage procedure. A job announcement – e.g., in a high-impact journal that is relevant to the topic, and via professional societies/mailing lists – is obligatory. The successful appointment of a woman will be rewarded with a financial bonus (maximum €50,000) for the Vienna host institution, to support their gender-mainstreaming activities.

Further information

For more details, please consult the "WWTF Funding Guidelines for the Vienna Research Groups Program" and the "Guide for Writing a Proposal for the Vienna Research Groups Program," both available online at