4th Canadian Science Policy Conference, November 5-7, 2012, in Calgary, Alberta

bridges vol. 35, October 2012 / Noteworthy Information

The 4th Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC) will be held at the TELUS Spark Centre in Calgary, Alberta, November 5-7, 2012. Under the motto of "Building Bridges for the Future of Science Policy," the conference's goal is to provide a unique opportunity to facilitate discussion among diverse groups of science policy stakeholders.

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The conference endeavors to foster collaboration and provide insight for a science policy future based on a strong and dynamic science policy community that promotes innovation for all Canadians.

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This year, CSPC focuses on four main themes:

1. Innovating on energy supply and demand, for more sustainable resource management – a critical test for the integration of science, technology, and policy

2. Reimagining Canadian Healthcare: How innovation in science and policy can contribute to a more sustainable system

3. Food, Fuel, and Farmers: Agriculture at the convergence of multidisciplinary science policy issues

4. Science-Technology-Society-Nexus

Each year the conference delivers nonpartisan sessions and workshops relevant to science policy in Canada. CSPC has grown to over 500 participants, and features nearly 100 expert panelists and moderators, creating a network of businesses, government officials, nonprofit organizations, students, and academics from across Canada and abroad.

Entrepreneurs, journalists, researchers, and policy makers alike are invited to attend CSPC 2012. Please visit www.cspc2012.ca for registration, further details, and program updates.