Re$earch Re$ources: The Austrian Marshall Plan Scholarship  

bridges vol. 31, October 2011 / Noteworthy Infromation

Marshallplan_logo.jpg The Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation invites applications for the academic year 2011/2012. Areas of emphasis include science as well as technology and engineering. Applicants interested in pursuing a doctorate with an emphasis in those areas must have completed a degree (M.A. or the equivalent) with above average marks. Grants are awarded for a minimum of three months. Scholarships amount to €10,000. All application materials (statement of purpose, outline of project, letters of reference) must be received by November 11, 2011, at the International Offices of the partner universities in this program (for a detailed list of program partners, please see:

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A Quick Guide for Your Application

  • What is a Marshall Plan Scholarship?

  The Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation established an academic exchange program to fund scholarships and fellowships for academic exchange between Austria and the US with a special focus on Universities of Applied Sciences and Technical Universities (“Fachhochschulen und Technische Universitäten”) and to open up and provide for transnational mobility. A Marshall Plan Scholarship supports the most promising students, helping them in their career development. The scholarship program runs an open, merit-based competition for the applying students. The freedom of the fellows to choose a research topic and the appropriate university fitting their individual needs is a key element of the scholarship action.

  • Who can apply?

Participants applying for a scholarship are students of Austrian and American universities, studying science and engineering, who have an outstanding record of achievement in their field of study and plan to stay abroad for at least three months.

  • What research topics are supported?

All actions have a bottom-up approach, i.e., research fields/topics are chosen freely by the applicants.

  • How does it work?

Proposals are submitted by the Foundation’s Partner Universities within specified deadlines and are evaluated by experts with reference to a series of predetermined criteria.

  • What does the foundation cover?

The Foundation’s contribution consists of a minimum of €3,000. and a maximum of €10,000. granted to a single applicant.

  • How to apply?

Essential information for applicants to prepare and submit a proposal for a Marshall Plan Scholarship is provided by the Foundation’s Partner Institutions. Applicants should consult their university’s International Office in order to better prepare for the process, rules of participation, contractual and financial issues, etc. Proposals are submitted electronically via the Marshall Plan Scholarship web-based system. Grant agreements for selected proposals are then signed between the students and the Foundation.

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