EURAXESS Austria Web Site Relaunch

bridges vol. 24, December 2009 / Noteworthy Information

euraxess_logo.jpgEURAXESS Austria is part of the pan-European network "EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion" and supports measures for the promotion of mobility and career development of researchers. The national web sites and were updated and refreshed, as well as adapted to the layout of the pan-European EURAXESS portal: .

EURAXESS Austria provides comprehensive up-to-date information and personalized assistance to all mobile researchers and their families who are seeking advice on issues related to their relocation across borders and support for the continuation of their careers in another member state of the European Union.

EURAXESS Austria is coordinated by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research. Mobile researchers are supported via the national network of EURAXESS Service Centers and Local Contact Points, which are the OeAD-GmbH (Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research) and the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency), as well as numerous universities, organizations, and research institutions across Austria.

Contact details for the Austrian EURAXESS network and further information can be found on and

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"EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion" is a unique web portal providing access to a complete range of information and support services for European and non-European researchers wishing to pursue research careers in Europe.

EURAXESS assists researchers in advancing their careers in European countries and supports scientific organizations in their search for outstanding research talent.

EURAXESS is a truly pan-European initiative, supported by 35 participating countries across Europe. It provides a single access point to information about all countries including a network of walk-in centers offering personalized assistance to researchers moving to another country.

EURAXESS is a key initiative in supporting the European Union's commitment to removing the barriers to free movement of knowledge within Europe; to strengthening cross-border mobility of researchers, students, scientists, and academic staff; and to providing researchers with better career structures.

EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion hosts the following initiatives:

EURAXESS Jobs is a job database with constantly updated job vacancies for researchers throughout Europe.

EURAXESS Services assists researchers and their families with organizing their stay in a foreign country.

EURAXESS Rights (European Charter & Code) sets out the rights and duties of researchers and their employers.

EURAXESS Links is a networking tool for European researchers working outside Europe (US, Japan).