Reference List: The Science of Science and Innovation Policy (SciSIP) Program at the US National Science Foundation

bridges vol. 22, July 2009 / Feature Articles



3. The Division of Innovative Labor: Features, Determinants and Impacts on Innovative Performance. Researchers: Ashish Arora (Carnegie Mellon), Wes Cohen (Duke), and John Walsh (Georgia Tech). NSF award 0830349

4. The Rise of International Coinvention:  A New Phase in The Globalization Of R&D? Researcher: Lee Branstetter, (Carnegie Mellon University). NSF award 0830233

5. Quantifying the Resilience of The US Innovation Ecosystem. Researcher: Erica Fuchs (Carnegie Mellon). NSF award 0930354

6. Modeling Innovation Chains Using Case-Based Econometrics. Researcher: Kenneth Flamm (University Of Texas, Austin). NSF award 0830389

7. Patent Pools and Biomedical Innovation.  Researchers: Josh Lerner (Nber) and Jean Tirole (Fondation Jean-Jacques Laffont-TSE). NSF award 0830288 

8. Estimating the Effect of Exposure to Superstar Scientists: Evidence from Academia and the Biopharmaceutical Sector. Researchers: Joshua Graff Zivin (NBER and Columbia University) and Pierre Azoulay (MIT). NSF award 0738142

9. The Architecture of Collaboration in Transdisciplinary Research Teams. Researchers: Barbara Gray and Raghu Garud (Pennsylvania State University). NSF award 0738165

10. Examining the Link between Informal Social Networks and Innovation Using Netometrics to Quantify the Value of a Distributed Hetarchical Network. Researchers: Brooks B. Robinson, Martha Crosby, Leigh Jerome, and Laurel King (University of Hawaii). NSF award 0738208

11, Evaluation of Research Groups: An Endogenous Approach. Researcher: Francisco Veloso (Carngie-Mellon University). NSF award 0830233
12. Measurement and Analysis of Highly Creative Research in the US and Europe. Researchers: Philip Shapira, Juan Rogers, and Jan Youtie (Georgia Tech). NSF award 0738126
13. Social Network Analysis of the Collaborative Interaction of Scientists in Academic and Non-academic Settings. Researchers: Christopher McCarty, Nandita Basu, and James Jawitz (University of Florida). NSF award 0738116



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