Ariadne Press - A California Publishing House Devoted to Austrian Literature

 Ariadne Press was founded fifteen years ago out of two considerations: the first having to do with Austrian identity and the second with promotion. Because too many readers in the United States still consider everything written in the German language as literature from Germany, it seemed important to spread the idea of a unique Austrian identity and bring the Austrian image - an intellectual rather than a tourist image - to a wider public awareness in the English speaking world.

Second, since even the names of Austrian writers who are well known in Europe are often relatively obscure in the United States, Ariadne Press is devoted to promoting Austrian writers in this country. In order to make these writings available, Ariadne Press started a series of translations which will eventually encompass the major works of the Austrian literary canon from the end of the 19th century to today, as well as recognizing outstanding figures of the present literary scene.

Another series published by Ariadne Press is entitled, "Studies," a series devoted to special themes or the life and works of Austrian authors. This series makes hard-to-find materials and bibliographies available to the English-speaking public and is an excellent way to present Austrian character, life and history. A third series is devoted to "Biography, Autobiography and Memoirs." To date, Ariadne Press has published more than 200 volumes. It is their hope that this effort will continue, as the interest in learning German has been widely waning and fewer people are able to read any of these works in the original language.
Jorun B. Johns, Editor
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