European Union launches EURAXESS Web portal for researchers

bridges vol. 18, July 2008 / News from the Network

EURAXESS LogoOn June 24 EU Science and Research Commissioner Janez Potočnik launched a Web portal for “Reseachers in Motion” called EURAXESS. EURAXESS consists of four initiatives, all aimed to support researchers moving to and working within other EU member states.

The Web portal provides easy access to a wide variety of the tools at the disposal of European researchers. These range from a job platform, services to facilitate the organization of moving to another country, and information about rights, laws, and regulations, to a networking platform for scientists working outside of Europe.

{access view=guest}Access to the full article is free, but requires you to register. Registration is simple and quick – all we need is your name and a valid e-mail address. We appreciate your interest in bridges.{/access} {access view=!guest} In a speech delivered to an audience of research partners from all parts of Europe, Commissioner Potočnik stressed the importance of supporting researchers’ mobility as an integral aspect of Europe’s knowledge-based economy. He also discussed the challenges, rewards, and benefits gained by both researchers and the larger society from the increased flow of knowledge within Europe and towards other parts of the world.

EURAXESS is the latest step in the European Commission’s current efforts to improve the scientific sector by promoting researcher mobility, facilitating the necessary steps, and supporting scientists along the way.