Stem Cell Research

bridges vol. 18, July 2008 / Bills in Brief U.S. S&T Policy News

Stem Cell Research has not celebrated many victories over the last few months. Many states continue to veto bills that would financially support the research, and just as many embryonic stem cell opponent groups have also taken action. However, as major forces speak out against stem cell research, a growing number of prominent figures are slowly becoming more public in their support for stem cell research funding - despite their affiliations. Developments such as these maintain the debate's intensity. 

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  • May 22, 2008: Louisiana State Senate Legislature voted in favor of House Bill 370 that would ban the use of taxpayer dollars for embryonic stem cell research.


  • May 23, 2008: Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty vetoed stem cell research state policy bill SF0100 that would authorize the University of Minnesota to spend state funds on stem cell research.   


  • June 3, 2008: In Missouri, 19 Republicans, described as "prominent" in the party, rallied together under a campaign committee called Republicans to Protect Medical Advances. The campaign aims to protect embryonic stem-cell research in the wake of the Missouri GOP's recent platform adoption calling for a ban on the research.


  • June 13, 2008: The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement on Embryonic Stem Cell Research      during their semi-annual spring meeting. The statement comes at a time when opponents of stem cell research stand to lose the White House with President Bush soon out of office and presidential candidates Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama both supporting federal funding of the research.


             Statement by United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: