Going International Releases "medicine & health 2008" Course Catalogue

bridges vol. 16, December 2007 / Noteworthy Information


Those employed in the medical and public health fields, or thinking of a career in these fields, know that the key to success is a good education, practice, and staying abreast of the latest developments in the field.  By addressing these topics, Going International's "medicine & health 2008" is more than a course catalogue, serving as a career guide as well.

Going International (GI) is an information platform for medicine, public health, international development cooperation, and humanitarian assistance. GI also supports and promotes postgraduate training and continuing education for experts, as well as beginners, in public health and international humanitarian assistance. This unique breadth of focus lends weight to their international course catalogue, "medicine & health," an annual publication listing courses and congresses in the fields of biomedicine, public health, and development cooperation.

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The catalogue's target groups are medical doctors, nurses, health care administrators, and staff of social and non-profit organizations. Due to its special focus on training for

  "medicine & health 2008"
-Includes 700 organizers and institutions

-Includes 2500 renowned courses and programs

-Includes 150 Web links to specific Web sites, as well as a list of scientific journals

-Includes 14 articles on current health issues and background information on "best of" advanced training at national, regional, and international levels.

humanitarian medical assistance, "medicine & health 2008," is highly supportive of experts in developing nations who seek to continue their education. The catalogue is written in both German and English and includes articles from field experts. Although the articles are written in either German or English, they are accompanied by brief abstracts in the other language, which provides assistance to the non-English or non-German speaker. Unfortunately, this does not hold true for some of the promotional program articles.

What is most convenient about the catalogue are the introductions to each medicine and health sector.  Each introduction clearly and briefly outlines trends in the given sector.  This will be most useful to newcomers to the field who are not sure what direction they want to take in their careers or what education and training options are open to them. Equipped with a legend and symbols for quick information reference to various programs, GI extends its information past the pages of the catalogue on to the GI Web portal.      

In addition to the course catalogue, GI provides a Web site for those with an interest in biomedicine and research and also for those who must deal with international inquiries. The portal provides online databases for upcoming training opportunities and conferences, as well as a quick search of scientific journals and thematic Web sites listed in the book. The Web sites are depicted in abstract form and guide the visitor directly to sections such as: News, Upcoming events, Downloads, Accessible databases, and Jobs sections of every Web site, with direct links inserted.

Course catalogue "medicine & health 2008"
Number of pages: 288;  languages: German/English
Price per item (all prices include postal charges, shipping, and VAT):
€39.90 (Austria and Germany), €42.00 (other European Countries), €51.00 (overseas)
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