OST Network & ASciNA Activities

bridges vol. 11, September 2006 / News from the Network The OST network of Austrian scientists & scholars abroad was established by the Office of Science & Technology (OST) at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC, and focuses on the outreach of government-related agencies to Austrian scientists in North America. Its main objective has been to support the scientific community with information and specific advice wherever necessary and requested.

Encouraged by the OST, an independent association - ASciNA (Austrian Scientists and Scholars in North America) - was founded in 2002 with local chapters being established all over the US and Canada. For further information about ASciNA please visit www.ascina.at.

ASciNA Activities

ASciNA President Eva Schernhammer announced that the most recent board meeting of ASciNA took place on September 24, 2006, in New York, following the Austrian Science Talks that were held the preceding day at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square in New York City.


ASciNA Pacific North
Contact: Julius Halaschek-Wiener at pacific.north(at)ascina.at

The ASciNA Pacific North (Vancouver) chapter organized, in mid-August, an overnight camping/hiking trip to the beautiful mountains north of the famous Whistler ski resort (host of the 2010 Winter Olympics). Seven brave ASciNAtInnen (plus two unborn babies!) traveled far, carried their camping gear up to the Semaphore Lakes, endured the abundant mosquitoes and the chilly night. People either ventured in the vicinity of the (base)camp or climbed two nearby peaks (Locomotive and Face mountains).pacific_north_1_caption
It was a great and very enjoyable weekend. Everybody had a grand time with terrific weather during the day and cloudless skies with hundreds of shooting stars at night.

A regular chapter meeting in Vancouver will be organized again in mid-September.
Date, time, and location will be posted on the ASciNA web page.


{access view=guest}Access to the full article is free, but requires you to register. Registration is simple and quick - all we need is your name and a valid e-mail address. We appreciate your interest in bridges.{/access} {access view=!guest} ASciNA Canada, Montreal
Contact: Gregor Kos at gregor.kos(at)mcgill.ca

Summer was a little bit quieter than usual for ASciNA in Montreal, except for the August monthly meeting held in the pleasant atmosphere of a bistro in the Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood.

Meetings take place on the last Thursday of each month. Further information, including dates and times, is available at http://www.ascina.at/canada/

For further information please contact Gregor Kos at the e-mail address indicated above.


ASciNA Boston
Contact: Christine Mrakotsky or Klaus Podar at greater.boston(at)ascina.at

On July 14, 2006, ASciNA Boston gathered for an (almost traditional) "Sommerfest" at the Muehlmann residence in Waltham, MA. This - like all the ASciNA Boston social gatherings - was a well-attended event, and celebrated summer, friends, and Austrian culinary traditions.
ASciNA Boston started the academic year on September 14, 2006, with a special presentation by DDr. Heinz Seitinger, US Consultant of the Austrian Business Agency, and his daughter Susanne Seitinger from the MIT Medialab. As always, ASciNA Boston continues with its lecture series and meetings the second Thursday of every month.

For further information, please contact Christine Mrakotsky at the e-mail address indicated above.


ASciNA New York
Contact: Maria Christina Binz-Scharf or Anton Korinek at greater.NY(at)ascina.at

Plenty of activities are going on this fall for ASciNA NY chapter members:
Past Events:


  • On Thursday, September 7, the chapter met at the Bookmarks Lounge of the Library Hotel, a hip but cozy rooftop bar in Midtown.
  • On Wednesday, September 20, ASciNA NY was invited to a reception at the

Austrian Consulate General on the occasion of Dr. Ursula Plassnik's visit to New York.- On Saturday, September 23, the Austrian Science Talks were held at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square.

Future Events:

  • On Tuesday, October 3, at 6:00 p.m., Dr. Henrietta Egerth, director of the Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (FFG), will give a talk at the Austrian Consulate General in New York, co-sponsored by the ASciNA NY chapter.

Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone: (212) 737-6400 ext. 503431#.

The next social gathering will be held on Thursday, November 9, location TBA. Suggestions for a friendly café or bar are mostly welcomed. ASciNA NY has found some great places that way and would like to keep exploring new venues.

You can reach Maria Binz-Scharf or Anton Korinek at the e-mail indicated above.


ASciNA Greater Bay Area
Contact: Susanne Pangratz-Fuehrer, Sonja Schmid, Monika Trebo at ascina(at)gmail.com

The Greater Bay Area chapter of ASciNA covers the area from north of Santa Barbara to the Oregon border. This chapter has formerly been known under the name "Pacific North."


Recent activities of the chapter have included a meeting on the occasion of the 2006 USA tour of Austrian Holocaust survivor Leopold Engleitner and his biographer Bernhard Rammerstorfer; social gatherings such as an evening with Austrian movies and "Kleinkunst/Kabarett"; and a discussion with Sabine Frühstück (see pictures), professor of modern Japanese cultural studies in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, about her recent book, Uneasy Warriors: Gender, Memory and Popular Culture in the Japanese Army (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2007) and Japanese culture in general.

The next meeting will be held during the last week of September to give those who applied for an absentee ballot for the upcoming Austrian elections the opportunity to cast their vote.

Social gatherings around the National Day on October 26th and Christmas will complete the activities for this year.

Detailed information on upcoming events will be posted on the ASciNA Web site (http://www.ascina.at/bayArea/ ).

Those interested in joining us can register with ASciNA at http://www.ascina.at/register/ and contact us to be added to our mailing list.