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Gina Kirchweger


 Your institution and your institution's URL
not applicable

Are you there with a specific scholarship or grant?
Originally, I came with a Schroedinger Fellowship but now I work as a foreign correspondent for European publications.

Duration of your stay in the U.S. (from - to):
Since 1996 with short interruptions



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Scientific Discipline and your current area of research:
I am a trained molecular biologist but now I work as a science journalist covering much more than just molecular biology

Academic degrees:
Mag. rer. nat., Dr. rer.nat.

Q: What made you decide to work in North America?
The research opportunities just seemed so much more promising and a desire to see the world across the Atlantic.

Q: What are the benefits of this network and of being a part of it?
Since I left active research and reinvented myself as a science journalist I haven't had a chance to take advantage of the network.

Q: Your favorite web-sites? (Web-sites that ought not to be missed …) , ,

Q: What's your most memorable experience as an Austrian researcher in North America?
The day somebody called the lab and upon hearing my voice declared "God, I miss New York!". Asked why, he replied: "You never hear this kind of accent in the Midwest."{/access}