Manuela Steinberger

Your institution and your institution's URL:

Center for Austrian Studies, Twin Cities Campus University of Minnesota

Are you there with a specific scholarship or grant?
Minnesota Post Graduate Scholarship offered by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education Science and Culture

Duration of your stay in the U.S. (from - to):
From August 27, 2003 to June 10, 2004


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Scientific Discipline and your current area of research:
Social Sciences, Art History. My dissertation research is concerning connections between political concepts and advertising in the 1930s

Academic degrees
Master's Degree in Art History earned at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz

Q: What made you decide to work in North America?
I was interested in doing research abroad and with the stipend I got a great opportunity to do so. My main topic is the American perspective of the 1930s in Central Europe. I'm working on design concepts and different ways to create national identity on that focus.

Q: What are the benefits of this network and of being a part of it?
The Center for Austrian Studies provides a great network of scientists and information in Austrian History fields. I got the chance to get in touch with researchers working on similar topics as I do. These contacts benefit my research with different ideas and perspectives.{/access}