Bridges Team

The Bridges Team at the Office of Science and Technology, Austria Washington DC.

OSTA Exploratory Study

According to Science Magazine, early-career researchers play a major role in shaping our increasingly global and knowledge-based societies. Consequently, societies should provide researchers with adequate support. Yet, little is known about how to best support young and established scientists on a global scale. For that reason, the Office of Science and Technology Austria has commissioned an exploratory study which outlines demands and policy objectives that could enable a more conducive exchange of STI stakeholders in Austria and North America. The survey is intended to serve as a catalyst for further discussions, and actions points can be taken from the results to form a more cohesive bond between the Austrian scientific diaspora in North America and local STI stakeholders in Austria. 

Click here to read the 2018 OSTA Exploratory Study (study available in German only).

ARIT 2017 Poster Session Feature: Lukas Landegger
ARIT 2017 Poster Session Feature: Peter Schindler


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Friday, 17 January 2020