ARIT 2017 Poster Session Feature: Christine Marizzi


Going beyond pure text, bridges will feature Austrian scientists from a new perspective in 2018, taking creative cues to communicate their science in a different light, tone, and color.

Discover the work of Christine Marizzi, our first scientist featured in the ARIT 2017 Poster Session Showcase. 

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Just a Spoon Full of Sugar? Gamification and Education

Jane:                      "It is a game, isn't it, Mary Poppins?"

Mary Poppins:          "Well, it depends on your point of view. You see,

In every job that must be done,

There is an element of fun.

You find the fun, and snap!

The job's a game.

And every task you undertake

Becomes a piece of cake

A lark, a spree it's very clear to see

That a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

The medicine go down

Medicine go down ..."


In the musical film "Mary Poppins" (1964) the nanny introduces the two kids – Jane and Michael Banks– to a technique how to transform a dreadful job into a joyful game. As she explains in her song "snap!", medicine tastes so much better with tons of sugar. One could argue, that this is what serious games and gamification are all about – designing a spoonful of sugar and adding it to the "serious" content.

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Healthcare is Not a Game, but it Should Be

Healthcare is serious business. In the United States, healthcare costs eat up 18% of the GDP and are rising quickly. The US spends twice as much per person as any other country on healthcare but has outcomes that rank at the bottom of the peer nations. Private insurers, federal payers, and large healthcare systems dominate the conversation. Somewhere at the bottom of all this is the patient.

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Gamifying the Search for Strategic Surprise

Dr. John Main will present DARPA’s gamification efforts at the ARIT 2017, seeking to engage with Austria’s scientific and innovation diaspora in Austin, Texas. The article below was initially published by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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Designing games that change perceptions, opinions and even players’ real-life actions


In 1904, Lizzie Magie patented “The Landlord’s Game,” a board game about property ownership, with the specific goal of teaching players about how a system of land grabbing impoverishes tenants and enriches property owners. The game, which went on to become the mass-market classic “Monopoly,” was the first widely recognized example of what is today called “persuasive play.”

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Getting Serious with Games


Games are fun. And games are big business. With more than $91B[1] in global consumer spending in 2016, more people are playing more games across more genres than ever before. Players are increasingly choosing mobile game experiences above more traditional PC and console games.

Yet despite the massive year-over-year growth of the gaming industry, most people are unaware of the reach and impact games are having beyond entertainment.


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Mastery, Motivation and the Merit Behind Game-Based Learning


Remember the days of Oregon Trail? How about Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? While learning games have been around for decades, technological advancements are creating an entirely more modern gaming experience - one where quality mirrors the digital literacy expectations of today's student, one that entices the student to play and play again, and one that aligns a game's outcomes with the goals of the course.  

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