Simone Poetscher

Deputy Director & Senior Program Manager


(1) School (2) Passion (3) Hobbies

(1)  University of Vienna & Georgetown University     (2)   Exploring the world   (3)   Attempting to make a dent in my reading list – too many books, too little time!


Science and Technology to me is:

… the starting point for true greatness.

My go-to scientist is:

All RINA scientists – no preferential treatment from me!

I prefer:

Brain over brawn – figuratively, that is ;-)

You should go visit Austria because:

Well, there won’t be any run-ins with a kangaroos. Instead, you’ll discover lots of beautiful spots when traveling our wonderful country. Spending some time in Austria will without a doubt make anyone fall in love with nature (again)!!!

Check out:

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