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Until the inception of bridges - The OST's Publication on S&T Policy in 2004, the OST published the online-publications Voices on US Science & Technology Policy and inform@ion for Austrian Research & Science Abroad. To read previous editions of bridges, go to the bridges Archive.


"Voices" - on US Science & Technology Policy


New trends in research and development are the main element of reports and commentaries in this electronic newsletter published in English. Readers of Voices come from many fields: Austrian industry, the sciences, research, higher education and keyplayers in science policy. Voices - on US Science & Technology Policy was discontinued with the appearance of bridges in 2004.

Archived issues of Voices
  • 04/2003, November 25, 2003:
    Letter From The Editor - The Glass Ceiling Revisited: The US perspective on Women in Science - Putting the Heat on Wildland and Forest Management - Affirmative Action: The US still struggles to close the Achievement Gap in Higher Education
  • 03/2003, July 31, 2003:
    Letter From The Editor - Embryonic Stem Cell Research -Review: World Resources 2002-2004 - The Under-utilization of the Sciences in the US War on Terrorism - Commentary: Epidemiologic Investigation of an Disease Outbreak - Commentary: Biological Agents from Nature and Elsewhere.
  • 02/2003, June 26, 2003:
    Letter From The Editor - Genetically Modified Organisms: The Transatlantic Conflict is Picking Up Speed - Where change is the only constant. Europe's response to biotechnology will be critical - The Politics of Energy - Hydrogen: The Ultimate Freedom Fuel? - Preventing or Curing Climate Change? - Public Education Reform, Governance and the Daunting Task of Leaving No Child Behind: School Vouchers as a Remedy for the US Public School System? - Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Los Alamos National Laboratory - AAAS from the inside
  • 01/2003, May 9, 2003:
    Letter From The Editor - The US R&D Budget in The Context of The Economy - NASA under Scrutiny: The Columbia Disaster Sparks Debate over NASA's Future - Academic Mobility and Law Enforcement: The New US Visa Regulations & The Struggle with SEVIS - Funding for Technology-Oriented Small Businesses in the USA - Recent Developments In US Copyright Law: Does Copyright Law Impede Innovation?
  • Juli / August 2002 (german):
    "Voices on US Science & Technology Policy"
Department of Homeland Security - Homeland Security und Forschung - Fundraising Smithsonian Institute - National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs - Neue Perspektiven für wireless technologies - ICANN: wer regiert das Internet? - Interessenskonflikte in der medizinischen Forschung - Militärische Wissenschaftsberatung - die JASONs. - US Forschungsbudget 2003 - Stiftungsausgaben für die Forschung - Spendeneinnahmen der Universitäten - US Stammzellendiskussion - Die Umweltpolitik von George W. Bush - Die Energy Bill - Umweltpolitik in Kalifornien.

OST inform@ion for Austrian Research & Science Abroad


...building bridges of knowledge & expertise between Austria and North America: Relevant information pertaining to developments in the areas of research, the sciences and science policy in Austria and the EU is prepared for Austrian scientists and scholars in North America. The newsletter also informs its readers of calls and has a special focus on the OST's network. inform@ion appears every six to eight weeks with double summer and winter editions. Until May 2003, the newsletter was only written in German. At that point, it became a bilingual (German and English) newsletter so as to better serve its primarily North American readership. OST inform@ion for Austrian Research & Science Abroad was discontinued with the appearance of bridges in 2004.


OST inform@ion for Austrian Research & Science Abroad archive

  • Winter 2003/04:
    Inform@ion Nr.14, 12/03 (html)
    Features: 1) BIB: Federal Institute for International Transfer of Education and Training. 2) Brainpower Austria supports Austrian researchers abroad;Introducions: Brigitte Wopenka/ Washington University; Hans Ladanyi/ SQLSelect; Franziska Michor/ Harvard University; Marin Guentchev/ NIH.
    Print the whole issue of inform@ion #14 as a single pdf-file!
  • September 2003:
    Inform@ion Nr.13, 09/03 (html)
    Features: 1) Federal Minister Gehrer on what it takes to promote resarch; 2) P.Oefner/ Stanford Genome on bridging the gap and Austria's Ingenuity without borders. Introducions: Brigitte Mühlmann/ HMS; Robert Gassner/ Univ.of Pittsburgh & Univ.of Innsbruck; Peter Ertl/ Rapidlabs Canada; Traudl Robinson/ NIH.
    Print the whole issue of inform@ion #13 as a single pdf-file!
  • Summer 2003:
    Inform@ion Nr.12, 06/03 (html)
    Features: 1) Austria's participation at the world's most important bio event BIO; 2) Austria's Kplus program: linking academia and industry. Introducions: Christine Konradi, HMS; Wolfgang Peti, Scripps Institute; Peter Bissinger, Novartis Venture Fund.
  • May 2003: first bilingual issue!
    Inform@ion Nr.11, 04/03 (html)
    Feature: University Cooperation Montana-University Leoben & Colorado School of Mines; Introducions: Ann-Marie Schmoltner/ NSF, Walter Fontana/ SFI, Eva Rüba/ Caltech, Achim Seifter/ Los Alamos.
  • März 2003 (deutsch):
    Inform@ion Nr.10, 03/03 (html)
    Feature: K.Consemüller zum Nationalen Forschungs- u.Innovationsplan Österreichs; W.Autischer zu Corporate Social Responsibility in Österreich. Introducions: Ingrid Kohl/ MIT Boston, Roland Vogl/ Stanford Law School, Thomas Lörting/ MIT Boston, Karl Kothbauer/ Beth Israelv Hospital, New York.
  • Februar 2003:
    Inform@ionen Nr. 9, 02/03 (html)
    Feature: M.Schlossmacher zum kombinierten M.D./Ph.D. Ausbildungsprogramm der Harvard Medical School; M.Stampfer/ G.Murauer zum Wiener Wissenschafts-, Wirtschafts- und Technologiefonds. Introductions: Michael Schlossmacher, Harvard Medical School, Selma Mautner, Carleton University/ Kanada; Wolfgang Leitner, NIH.
  • Dezember 2002/Jänner 2003:
    Inform@ionen Nr. 8, 12/02-01/03 (HTML)
    Feature: S.Höllinger: Medizinische Universitäten I.König: NODE und FFORTE, Introducions: Peter Oefner/ Stanford, Martin Nowak/ Princeton.
  • Oktober/November 2002:
    OST News for ASciNA Nr. 7, 10/2002 (HTML)
    Feature: S.Höllinger: Universitätsreform ASciNA: Chapter-Kontakte, Nachruf Heinz von Foerster.
  • September 2002:
    OST News for ASciNA Nr. 6, 09/2002 (HTML)
    Feature: J. Kern: Begleitstudie zu ASciNA - how to turn a brain drain into a brain gain; W. Autischer: UN-Nachhaltigkeitsgipfel in Johannesburg

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