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www.austria.org Austria.org is the official Web site of the Austrian embassy in Washington, DC. It provides information about Austria in general and about the Austrian embassy and consulates in the US. Detailed information on culture and tourism can also be found on the Web site.
02 WKO small.jpg Advantage Austria has more than 110 offices all over the world to support the internationalization of the Austrian economy. On their Web site are information about Austrian embassies and consulates in the US. The Web site provides further information about culture and tourism
http://www.acfny.org http://www.acfdc.org  The Austrian Cultural Forums New York  (ACFNY) and Washington, DC (ACFDC) are officies of the Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs. As a hub, they try to enable cultural, academic, and intellectual exchange for Austrians, Americans, and people from all over the world. The Cultural Forums seek to enhance the appreciation of contemporary Austrian creative achievements in the United States.
ABA The Austrian Business Agency (ABA-Invest in Austria), a government-operated consulting firm, is the first business address for international investors seeking information about Austria as a business location. It offers comprehensive and unbureaucratic know-how for the setup of a company and provides information on incentives, market opportunities, and corporate taxation.
IV The Federation of Austrian Industry (IV) is an organization representing industrial interests. Membership is voluntary, and although IV's more than 3,400 members are mainly manufacturing industries, some well-known insurance and banking companies and important retailers are also among them.

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