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Internship Report - Bianca Haderer E

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biancahaderer.jpgBianca Haderer, July – September 2009
Field of study: International Management

During my internship at the Office of Science and Technology I was involved in a range of different tasks. For one thing routine tasks, such as taking care of the e-mail inbox and maintaining the office database, were part of my responsibilities. Moreover, I supported ongoing projects by conducting Internet research and organizational tasks. Also, my fellow intern and I worked on a separate project focused on the improvement of the OST web site. In addition to routine office duties and project assignments, I supported the bridges team. This included general tasks, such as preparing articles for publication and uploading them, as well as a contribution to bridges vol. 23 in the form of an article.

At the OST I had the opportunity for self-directed work on demanding projects. I enjoyed the professional atmosphere and the high expectations regarding results within the team. It was especially interesting to experience the steps involved from the idea of an article to its publication.

It was also interesting to gain insight into the fields of operation of the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC. Despite the tight time schedule, I had the opportunity to experience events at the Austrian Embassy, as well as events held by other embassies and international institutions. As an intern at the OST I gained valuable experiences on a personal, cultural, and professional level. I can clearly say that the internship met my expectations.

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