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Vision & Mission

Our Mission

“Bridging Research and Innovation between Austria and North America.” 

What we do

Turning the classical notion of science diplomacy into a professional instrument for internationalizing Austria's research and technology development, we concentrate our work on the following strategic areas:     

  • Increasing the visibility of excellent research and innovation made in Austria
  • Connecting Austrian R&D-institutions with their peers in North America
  • Facilitating the exchange of researchers and innovators, as well as policy makers from Austria with North American thought leaders
  • Connecting the Austrian science and innovation diaspora in North America through RINA, the Research and Innovation Network Austria
  • Supporting and initiating transatlantic R&D co-operations
  • Providing information and policy advice in research, innovation, and technology through BRIDGES, our online magazine on S&T policy issues
  • Organizing study tours and visitor programs
  • Hosting and organizing events

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