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Neuhaeuser Stefan

Stephan Neuhaeuser
Head of Unit
Cooperation with Non-European Countries
Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research (BMWF)
Vienna, Austria
LinkedIn: http://at.linkedin.com/pub/stephan-neuhaeuser/4a/a00/445/en

Stephan Neuhaeuser has been a member of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research since 1992, where he is responsible for international cooperation.

From March to September 2003, he was invited to join the Office of Science & Technology in Washington, DC, as Senior Visiting Expert. In 2000 he participated in an Austrian-Finnish exchange program for civil servants and spent several months at the Suomen Akatemia in Finland. Currently, he is primary point of contact for Austria's S&T participation in the ASEM (EU-Asia) and the EU-LAC (EU - Latin American and Caribbean) dialogue platforms as well as being in charge for bilateral cooperation especially with Asian and Latin American countries.

Neuhaeuser holds a master's degree in History and Political Sciences from the University of Vienna, Austria.


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