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Event management is a central tool of the Office of Science & Technology. We carefully plan and select our events, maintaining our philosophy of goal-oriented planning, efficient implementation, and the achievement of long-term results.

Not only are events useful to initiate or strengthen networking among people in a certain field, they are also effective for openly establishing certain topics as important issues in policies regarding science, research, and technology.

Informal discussions that take place as a result of an event often lead to new cooperation and give potential project partners the opportunity to interact with each other before taking any further steps. Events represent an important element for the OST Visitors Program, the expansion of the OST Scientist Network, and for exploring new collaborations.


OST Events 2012:

    • October 15, 2012
      Lecture with the Austrian Scientist of the Year: Sabine Ladstaetter



"The Many Faces of Ephesus - On Excavating Archaeological Treasures and Educating Tourists"

The 6th lecture of the Austrian Scientist of the Year, the laureate of 2011 Dr. Sabine Ladstaetter, Director of the Austrian Archaeological Institute and Excavation Director at Ephesus, was held on October, 15 at the Embassy of Austria.

The lecture discussed how this modern excavation enterprise employs increasingly nondestructive methods such as geophysical surveys, deep drilling, and surface surveys. Interdisciplinary research projects enabled some 200 international scientists not only to analyze the human legacy, but also to investigate the geography, geology, and climatology, as well as the flora and fauna of the region. Dr. Ladstaetter alsoed discuss another focal point of her work in Ephesus: the challenge of maintaining and preserving the ruins as well as properly introducing the monuments to some two million tourists who visit the excavation site annually.

This event was held in cooperation with the Archaelological Institute of America, EURAXESS, the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office and the Austrian Consulate General New York.

The lecture was aimed at a non-technical audience with interest in archaeology, and was followed by a reception.


Lecture by Sabine Ladstaetter, Austrian Scientist of the Year 2011: "The Many Faces of Ephesus"
    Click on the picture below or the link to access the full Photo Gallery of the event on October, 15, Washington, DC:


  • March 2012
    Workshops 'Start Your R&D Business in Austria'

ABA Roadshow

Austria offers one of the most attractive incentive systems for research and development (R&D) activities in Europe, featuring substantial pre-seed and seed financing options for start-ups along with up to 80 % cash grants for later-stage companies.

The events will provide an excellent opportunity for scientists, entrepreneurs and company founders to learn more about Austria's advantages as a business location for R&D. Experts will share their insights on government support and incentive systems as well as funding opportunities in Austria and will be available to answer your questions.

Details on the workshops and the speakers can be found on the official invitation


Please join us for the event at one of the following locations:

Houston, TX
Format:    Workshop
                Presentations by Karin Gutierrez-Lobos, Dietrich Haubenberger und Michael Rauhofer
                Q&A Session and Discussion
                Dinner Buffet and Networking Reception
Date:        Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Time:       07:00pm
Location: The Magnolia Hotel
                1100 Texas Avenue, Houston, TX, 77002

Dallas, TX
Format:    Workshop
                Presentations by Karin Gutierrez-Lobos, Dietrich Haubenberger und Michael Rauhofer
                Q&A Session and Discussion
                Dinner Buffet and Networking Reception
Date:       Thursday, March 29, 2012
Time:       07:00pm
Loaction: Omni Dallas Hotel
                555 S. Lamar Road, Dallas, TX, 75202


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