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Surprenant Lisa*

Lisa Surprenant
Former Project Manager
ICF International
Fairfax, Virginia

Lisa Surprenant was a project manager for ICF International, and had more than two decades of experience working on energy efficiency initiatives for commercial and industrial energy efficiency.

She had worked as deputy work assignment manager for the ENERGY STAR program, promoting the financial and environmental benefits of high efficiency housing in the United States. She also designed programs for commercial, industrial, and residential energy efficiency and renewable energy in developing countries like Thailand and Vietnam, where she designed the "Vietnam Energy Conservation Program." She had lived and worked in 11 countries and speaks English, Thai, Lao, and Vietnamese.

Surprenant earned both a bachelor of science in interior design (1983) and an associate of applied science (A.A.S.) in architectural technology (1981) from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL.

* Lisa Diedre Gilmour Surprenant passed away on Friday, July 6, 2012.


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