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Customized, efficient, and effective - the OST Visitors Program provides delegations and visitors with a direct insight into the operations and developments in science, research, and technology policy in the US.

The OST Visitors Program is tailored to the individual wishes and needs of the delegations. It includes preparation of in-depth schedules for visitors, accompanying delegations to appointments, and comprehensive follow-up with the newly established contacts.

At the beginning of the program, the OST works with the client to establish the goals of the intended visit. Based on the defined goals, the OST designs an individualized program with a detailed agenda for the duration of the delegation's stay in North America. Once the program is agreed upon, the OST team arranges the details and organizes all aspects of the visit included in the agenda.

In addition, the OST offers preparation for the delegations to provide them with country-specific background information or information on relevant topics required for their scheduled meetings. In addition to personalized support by the OST team during the stay of the delegation, we support efforts to continue these contacts, when requested by the delegation, in order to establish long-term relationships with contact persons met in the course of the OST Visitors Program.

vt.jpgClick here for a OST Visitors Program sample, the 2009 study trip of the Austrian Association of Technology Centers (VTÖ).

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