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Erger Armin

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Project Manager
Economic and Work Research
Zukunftzentrum Tirol
Innsbruck, Austria

Since 2006, Armin Erger works for the "Zukunftszentrum Tirol" (Center for Future Studies Tirol) as a project manager for economic and work research.

Currently, Armin Erger works on his Ph.D. in the field of energy security policy. His first book, Futurismus im Pentagon? Neue Kriegsformen im 21. Jahrhundert was published in Fall 2005 by Braumüller Verlag, Vienna, Austria. In 2006 he was awarded the Fulbright Prize for American Studies for his thesis "Revolution in military affairs : Mode of Warfare, Transformation and U.S.-american Debate." His main interests are the social theory of war and American defense policy.

Armin Erger studied economics at the University of Innsbruck.


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