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Research and science and technology policy manifest themselves in specific programs and the creation of favorable conditions under which they flourish.

The basic ideas behind these measures, their ongoing development and the discussions surrounding them serve as topics of the articles and commentaries offered in bridges - The OST`s Online Magazine on S&T Policy.

bridges is an online publication of the OST in the English language that has been available since April 2004. Bridges - and their association with connection and communication - are exactly what we keep in mind when reporting on European, American or Canadian science and technology policy. bridges currently reaches approximately 8200 subscribers.

All those involved in or affected by science and technology policy have an opportunity to express themselves in bridges via expert contributions, articles, op-eds, or comments. Experts in science and technology administration contribute expert contributions, and scientists and scholars from the OST's network comment on actual developments.

A strong focus of bridges is the keyplayers that facilitate science and technology policy and those scientists and scholars who work in the results of their efforts. The section People in the Spotlight portrays these key American, Canadian, Austrian and European figures. Another section of the publication - Introductions - is devoted exclusively to introducing the members of the network of Austrian scientists and scholars in North America to bridges subscribers. In addition, news and events in the network are showcased.

Developments in science policy in the European Union are represented in the section entitled Letter from Brussels while Noteworthy Information informs readers about institutions, calls and other events. Selected Readings draws attention to notable publications in science and technology the OST feels would be of benefit to its readership.

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