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Welcome to the pages of the Office of Science & Technology Austria!

The Office of Science & Technology Austria (OSTA) at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC, is an initiative of the Austrian government. Our mission is  “Bridging Research and Innovation between Austria and North America."

OSTA's goal is to foster closer ties between Austria, the United States, and Canada in science, research, and higher education. We try to initiate, facilitate, and coordinate activities in these fields between partners on both sides of the Atlantic. 

For that reason, we have developed a number of tools to trigger and support this transatlantic exchange of people and knowledge – among them, the Research and Innovation Network Austria (RINA), a network of Austrian researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, and Bridges, our online S&T policy magazine. More than 2,300 users of RINA and over 8,000 subscribers to Bridges are part of this virtual community. I hope you find that these instruments, and the information they provide, are useful.

You can find more information on our activities on our home page. We value your thoughts and questions and invite you to share them with us. Please feel free to offer suggestions on how we can best serve you.

I hope you will enjoy exploring our online home.

Yours sincerely,

Philipp Marxgut

Attaché for Science & Technology, Director of OSTA Washington