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Feature Articles

by Irene Eckart

The question of who should govern the internet is not a new one. With the expiration of the Memorandum of Understanding between the US DoC and ICANN on September 30, 2006, the issue seems to be more disputed today than ever.


wagnerportrait_thumbnail Introducing Guenter Wagner: Evolution as a Creative Intellectual Endeavor

by Christian Hederer

Learn more about the Austrian scientist Guenter Wagner, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Yale University, and the fundamental role of innovation and creativity in all development.

An Interview with Hubert Christian Ehalt: Science Policy Report of Vienna

by Christian Hederer

With a yearly investment of €150 million, the City of Vienna is a major player in Austrian science policies. bridges spoke with chief administrator Hubert Christian Ehalt about the main strategic orientation of science policies in Vienna.


by Nana Rinehart

Higher Education is a growth industry. Nana Rinehart, vice president of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), takes a closer look at the goals for international education in the 21st century.

Green building Focus

Green Buildings in Europe - Regulations, Programs, and Trends: an Interview with Robert Donkers

Turning Green: Educating the Public about Sustainability

by Susan Piedmont-Palladino

by Georg Reichard

Showcasing the US Green Building Movement

by Bill Browning

by Phil Wirdzek

Top 14 Reasons for Home Builders to Consider Building Green

by H. Alan Mooney

by Lisa Surprenant

The Austrian Passive House Group Visits Canada: Promoting the Building of Tomorrow

by Guido Wimmers

by Paulus Freisinger

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Kalt's Corner on Science & Society

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EU News

Letter from Brussels

by Franz Pichler & Martin Schmid

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The New State of the Art Stem Cell Research Facility at UC Davis: an Interview with Austrian Lab Director Gerhard Bauer

by Caroline Adenberger

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Two Conferences on the Future of Energy in Vienna