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TU Vienna: 21st Century Sign Language Database

Those of us who are fortunate to be able to hear, converse on technical issues daily, exchanging buzz words and industry terminologies alike. The hearing impaired, however, fall behind in this regard, as sign-language tries to keep up with the pace at which the digital encyclopedias and dictionaries of the 21st century are evolving. 

To counteract these developments the Vienna University of Technology is of the forefront of placing terms such as "algorithm" into the daily verbal diet of the deaf. Thanks to a new digital database (click below), the hearing impaired can now access a plethora of terms such as coding or ventral, the individual videos showcasing the "depiction" of these scientific terms. This digitalization will ultimately break down barriers, enabling the deaf community to fully engage with the the sciences, as they converse on an equal verbal footing as their non impaired peers. 



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