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Dynamics of Ion Channels: Transatlantic Research Cooperation

Scientists from the Vaziri Lab at the Vienna Biocenter, together with colleagues at the Institute for Biophysical Dynamics at the University of Chicago, have developed a new method using infrared spectroscopy and atomistic modeling that will allow future scientists to better understand the mechanisms behind the extreme ion selectivity and transport properties in ion channels.


"This new approach allows us to probe these mechanisms in a non perturbative way, meaning without tedious and expensive isotope labeling strategies. Moreover, it opens the way to study the structure and dynamics of ion channels on their biologically relevant timescales by extending it to two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy"


says Christoph Götz, PhD student in the Vaziri lab, and co-author of the paper.

The paper was published in "The Journal of Physical Chemistry B". Additional information on the research, and its implications can be found in the press release of the University of Vienna. 


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