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TU Vienna's Prof. Azra Korjenic wins ENERGY GLOBE Award 2015

Prof. Koranic receiving her award. Source: TU Vienna

Concrete and plastics have become ubiquitous building materials in today’s urban environments, however, the Vienna University of Technology has recently shown that construction can be done differently, and in a more sustainable and ecological manner.

Prof. Azra Korjenic of Vienna University of Technology TU Vienna (TU Vienna) has demonstrated how ecological materials can be used in the 21st century to build more sustainable, durable, and ecological housing. During the past year she has assembled a team, which constructed and equipped a model house in Vienna’s third district. This project has recently been awarded the “Energy Globe Award 2015”, which underlines its ecological soundness.

The Energy Globe Award is an award series that has been launched under the auspice of the “Economic Impulses through Research” program coordinated by both the Vienna University of Technology and the Austrian Economic Chambers. The model house has also become a great case study in public private partnerships as all the building materials were provided by the following Austrian companies: Longin, Seca, Frischeis, ATB-Becker Photovoltaik GmbH, Sand & Lehm, Internorm, Optigrün, Baumit, Dämmwool, Isover, DiffuPOR GmbH und Fa. Velux.

Prof. Krojenic admits that “a lot of people want to build in an environmentally friendly manner today” yet they fear that natural materials would not be durable enough. In effect, Prof. Krojenic team has shown how natural materials such as straw, loam, or lime can be used in construction without comprising heat retention or fostering moisture. The installed sensors at the model unit all point to positive results, and will hopefully ignite an ecological building boom in Austria, and beyond.


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