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Forget Pixels – Here Comes the Austrian “Trixel”!

The days of using 3D glasses are over, thank to the research of the Austrian tech startup of the Austrian tech startup TriLite Technologies and the Vienna University of Technology.

Together, they have devised an innovative way in which to use tiny mirrors to reflect lasers in numerous directions, which tricks the viewer to believe the image is three-dimensional.

The mirror directs the laser beams across the field of vision, from left to right. During that movement the laser intensity is modulated so that different laser flashes are sent into different directions

says Ulrich Schmid, of the Vienna University of Technology. International media outlets such as Motherboard, the viral technology outlet of Vice have reported about the phenomenal 3D development as well. 

In effect, the ‘trixel’ is born. A trixel being every single 3D-Pixel that consists of lasers and a moveable mirror. The moveable mirrors enable the viewer to look at the 3D image as he/she moves around with respect to the screen. As a result, the image is no longer displayed on a screen, but rather it is ‘painted’ onto the viewers retina. As a matter of fact, two slightly different images are being projected, one for each eye, the brain effectively being tricked into a 3D mirage.

With this in mind the possible applications of the Austrian-powered trixels are endless. Especially in regards to billboards, the Austrian technology holds a lot of promises. The commercial launch is planned for 2016. Be sure to watch for Austrian-powered 3D animated billboards in Times Square in the near future!



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