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Environmental History Book Named "Best Science Book of 2015"

Environmental historian Verena Winiwarter and Hans-Rudolf Bork's book was named the "Best Science Book of 2015" in the category “Natural Sciences and Technology” by the Wissenschaftsbücher des Jahres. Hosted by the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Economics, it was chosen amongst 20 publications by an audience voting for their favorite pick. The History of Our Environment: Sixty Traveling Through Time was chosen by the 24,000 votes cast.  

The book takes readers on a trip around the world in sixty stories, events and environmental disasters. It covers a range of topics that have evolved in the last thousand years: air, water and soil pollution, smog increase, as well as oil and plastic waste. It acts as a unique text-book that portrays the interactions between humans and nature. Richly illustrated, Winiwarter and Bork explain the motives of people and show the human impact on nature and the environment. They advocate that decisions about our environment be made by large and diverse collections of experts, as well as promote the idea of starting a UN Council for Sustainable Development.

The book offers not only shocking negative examples of environmental ruin, but also positive steps to take for a better future. 

The winners of the other three categories are:

Best book in in the category “Medicine and Biology”
Dein Gerhirn weiß mehr als du denkst by Niels Birbaumer and Jörg Zittlau

Best book in the category “Humanities, Social and Cultural Sciences”
A History of the World in 12 Maps by Jerry Brotton

Best book in the category “Junior Science Book”
Wo kommt das her? by Karolin Küntzel

To read excerpts of all four books (German only) visit: http://wissenschaftsbuch.jour.at/siegerbuecher-2015/