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Dual Citizenship

As an Austrian scientist residing in North America, you may be confronted at some point with the option of obtaining dual citizenship. In order to provide support for RINA users on this matter, OSTA started the Dual Citizenship initiative in 2003.

The aim of the initiative was to provide Austrian scientists with comprehensive information on the options and procedures the Austrian government offers scientists for retaining Austrian citizenship while accepting foreign citizenship.

Through cooperation with Austrian provincial governments, we have managed to:

  1. simplify the application procedures
  2. enhance the degree of transparency
  3. actively provide information via Bridges

The document put together by OSTA contains general information on retaining Austrian citizenship while accepting foreign citizenship, details on the legal status and jurisdiction, and contact information for authorities in North America and in Austria. Please download the information document (available only in German) here.


Follow this link http://www.bmi.gv.at/staatsbuergerschaftswesen/Default.asp to the current law text (available in German only).

The following articles on dual-citizenship matters were published in bridges:

Please contact us if you have questions regarding dual citizenship not answered by the information provided in the information document (available only in German).