Martina Hartl

Visiting Expert


(1) School (2) Passion (3) Hobbies

(1)  University of Vienna    (2)  Strengthening cross-border cooperation in STI   (3)  Travelling, Soccer, DIY - everything from crocheting to furniture restoration and pickled veggies


Science and Technology to me is:

a truly international endeavor where the best brains come together to explore new ways of thinking and in the long run work towards finding innovative solutions for our societal problems at hand.

My go-to scientists are:

not a specific person, but I admire scientists that manage to tell stories about their work so that everybody is fascinated, even if they are not specialist in the field. There are many great examples in the US (like Oliver Sacks and Steven Pinker), but I always check out the finalists of our ministries “Science book of the year” competition to find out about great new reads.

I prefer:

travelling an checking out bric-a-brac markets and vintage shops.

You should go visit Austria because:

beyond culture, nature and great people – where else could you explore culinary adventures called “Käsknöpfle”, “Kasnudln”, “Kaspressknödln”, “Rässkäs” or “Topfenstrudl” ? (hint – they all have to do with cheese in some way)

Check out:

the Library of Congress Homepage - there's so much to explore.