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The Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD-GmbH) is a LLC that counsels, promotes, and supports international cooperation in education, science, and research. The core business is the exchange of people of any age or educational level; hence, it supports European and worldwide cooperation. The agency's main emphases are also development of cooperation and export and exchange of education.

The Austrian database for scholarships and research grants is the most comprehensive online database in Austria covering all research areas. Intra-Austrian grant options for students, graduates, and researchers as well as incoming (from ... to Austria) and outgoing (from Austria to ...) grants are offered in this database. Moreover, research allowances, prizes, and other funding opportunities can be found. Information provided includes details of application requirements (application deadline and place), as well as duration, allocation, and financing of each grant.
The purpose of the Fulbright program is to promote international understanding through bilateral exchange programs with the USA. The Fulbright program was launched in 1946 by US Senator J. William Fulbright. Today, the program has more than 285.000 alumni and is currently active in 155 countries, in 51 countries through a binational "Fulbright Commission" such as the Austrian-American Educational Commission (AAEC). Mainly funded by the US and Austrian governments, the Fulbright program offers grants for US graduate students, scientists, or professionals who want to study, teach, or pursue research in Austria. Fulbright also funds similar projects for Austrian citizens in the US.
FWF The Erwin-Schrödinger-Fellowship is intended to support scientific work at leading foreign Institutions and to facilitate access to new disciplines, methods, and techniques, which will contribute to further development of Austrian researchers after their return to Austria.
Max Kade
The mission of the Max Kade Institute (MKI) is scholarly research and documentation and outreach to a broader audience. Outreach efforts center on bringing a better understanding of issues of German-American immigration, history, culture, and language to the general public as well as to school children.
The Austrian Academy of Sciences is offering APART (Austrian Programme for Advanced Research and Technology) fellowships for the promotion of postdoctoral research. These are intended to allow recipients to devote their time solely to their scientific work. By accepting a fellowship, recipients commit themselves to concentrating exclusively on their research projects.
Marie Curie Actions  The Marie Curie Actions is a program by the European Commission bundles several grants, which operate within the 7th Framework Program (FP7). The Marie-Curie-Actions is intended to make careers in research more attractive to young scientists and, simultaneously, to increase their mobility. The bundle addresses researchers at different stages of their careers - from training to independent research - with different grant initiatives.

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