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Letter from the Editor

by Philipp Steger

Dear Reader,

Learning "by the seats of one's pants", an American expression I had until recently been unfamiliar with, came up quite frequently during the many conversations I had in the course of preparing an article about science journalists in the USA. Because this is how most of them apparently learn their profession: by the seats of their pants.

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Well, I am glad to announce that we at the OST are no different in that regard. None of us has received a formal training in journalism or public relations, but here we are introducing yet another OST-publication to you. This one, however, is not an addition to our other publications, but rather a merger of voices and inform@ion.

Our new online publication bridges reflects our ongoing attempt to integrate the various worlds that we continuously deal with: the community of Austrian scientists and scholars throughout North America, the busy world of science & technology policy in the U.S. and the exciting science & technology landscape of Austria.

Bridges, published on a quarterly basis, will offer reports and commentaries on important developments, policy decisions and trends that are relevant to the sciences and to innovation in the U.S. and Europe. In addition, bridges will highlight information pertaining to Austrian scientists and researchers in North America and introduce members of the scientific community through feature articles. In trying to achieve our objectives we will invite experts from Europe and North America to share their expertise and opinions.

We hope that you will continue to accompany us in our continued efforts to "build bridges of knowledge and expertise between Austria and North America", even when those efforts lead us into uncharted territory where we'll just have to learn by the seats of our pants.{/access}

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