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Vision & Mission

“Bridging Research and Innovation between Austria and North America” is the mission of OSTA. Turning the classical notion of science diplomacy into a professional instrument for internationalizing Austria's research and technology development, OSTA concentrates on the following strategic areas:     

  • Support and advice for initiating new R&D co-operations between Austrian and North American institutions.     

  • Information and policy advice on Austrian and North American science, technology, and R&D through Bridges, the OSTA’s online magazine on S&T policy issues.     

  • Development and administration of the Research and Innovation Network Austria (RINA) – an interdisciplinary network of Austrian researchers, scholars, and innovators in North America 

The establishment of OSTA underlines Austria’s intention to focus on its science diplomacy efforts with North America and to strengthen the existing research, technology, and scientific relationships. OSTA contributes to reaching these goals and helps to provide a better mutual understanding among representatives from both government and the research & innovation community.

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