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Internship Report - Christian Neumann E

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Neumann ChristianChristian Neumann, January - March 2004
Fields of study: International Business Administration and Economics

In case you wish to do an internship abroad merely to adorn your CV with nice references or to experience a country, you should avoid the OST.

If, however, you look for a challenge that requires stress resistance and an affinity for innovative ways of work, and if you want to demonstrate your aptitudes in interesting projects, and if you want to develop in several ways, you will find all that at the OST: a tiny, productive team, headed by Philipp Steger.

Apart from cleaning up the database, research work, some external appointments, and routine office work, my major projects were the development of a research portal and contribution to the first volume of bridges.

Of course, there was also time for tourist activities during my time in Washington, DC. Still, you should be aware that with every single day of your time at the OST you could gain new experience. Not the responsibility of completing your work, but the unconventional way of handling and organizing work is what still excites me about the OST.

Finally, I want to thank the OST team for their trust in me, for all the interesting tasks, and for the intended or unintended support, which made my internship at the OST an exclusive experience that I would never want to miss

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