• May 04: Smart Manufacturing – Industry 4.0

    Under the auspice of the The George C. Marshall Visit to Austria Program the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation, the Austrian Trade Commission, and the Office of Science and Technology Austria - Washington DC brings a group of decision makers from the United States to Austria, with the goal to further improve mutual understanding and to highlight Austrian innovations in industry and technology. The program was initially established…
  • May 06: ERA-Can+ Webinar - CFI Research Opportunities for Europeans

    The Office of Science & Technology would like to bring to your attention of European scientists, the fact that the ERA-Can+ Canadian project partners will host a live webinar about research opportunities for Europeans to participate in programs offered by the Canada Foundation for Innovation. The webinar is open to European researchers, research managers, and representatives from universities, colleges, government agencies and the private sector. Canada’s Public…
  • May 09: Meet OSTA at the EU Open House 2015!

    The annual EU Open House day will be hosted this year on Saturday May 09th at all participating EU Embassies. The Embassy of Austria will open its doors to the public, showcasing the fascinating bandwidth of our mountainous nation. Part of the exhibits will also feature the Office of Science and Technology Austria - Washington table, which will highlight the innovative advances being made in Austria and…
  • Nov 7: Save the Date - Austrian Research and Innovation Talk 2015

    This year's Austrian Research and Innovation Talk will be hosted in the San Francisco Bay Area on November 7, 2015. Please save this date! More details will follow soon.

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The Office of Science and Technology Austria
ost events"Bridging research and innovation between Austria and North America" is the mission of the Office of Science and Technology Austria (OSTA) at the Embassy of Austria in Washington, DC.
Our core competences are:
  • Expanding and maintaining RINA- an interdisciplinary network of Austrian researchers, R&D managers, and S&T policy experts in North America
  • Consulting and providing information - mainly via the OSTA's online quarterly Bridges -  on Austrian and North American science, research, and innovation policy
  • Providing support and advice for initiation of new R&D cooperation between Austrian and North American institutions
OSTA is the strategic interface in the science, research, and innovation policy between Austria and North America. Established in 2001, OSTA is an inter-ministerial initiative of the Austrian federal ministries BMEIA, BMWFW and BMVIT.