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  • Austria Joins NSF's GROW Initiative

    NSF President Cordova and FWF President Ehrenfreund formally signed the Letter of Intent today for Austria to join NSF's Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW). GROW is a coordinated effort that enhances international collaborative research opportunities for NSF Graduate Research Fellows. There are currently GROW agreements between NSF and science agencies in 16 countries. Under GROW, a streamlined and well-coordinated process has been developed to connect NSF GRFs to a number of strategically selected educational and research institutions around the world.


  • Wernig Wins Robertson Stem Cell Prize

    The New York Stem Cell Foundation awarded Marius Wernig, MD, the Robertson Stem Cell Prize. The prize, which has been given annually since 2011, recognizes extraordinary achievements in translational stem cell research by a young scientist. Recipients receive a $200,000 stipend to support their research. Wernig was the first researcher to demonstrate that human skin cells can be converted directly into neurons by adding just four signaling molecules. 


  • Bridges Vol. 41

  • 2014 ASciNA Awards

    The Austrian Scientists and Scholars in Northern America (ASciNA) and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research (BMWF) presented the 2014 ASciNA Awards to Sonja Schmid, Mariella Gruber-Filbin and Simon Gröblacher. These prizes are awarded to scientists for outstanding publications within the last 12 months at North American research facilities in the two categories of "Young Principal Investigator" and "Young Scientist." For more information. 


  • Advance notice: 4th call for proposals for Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes

    Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes (LBIs) released its fourth call for proposals with a seven-year term in November 2014. The research focus is Health Sciences. Proposals will be welcomed from highly qualified mid-career researchers who want to implement innovative ideas in cooperation with at least two partner organizations; at least 15 researchers will be selected. Interested parties should visit the Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details. 


  • Invitation to Austria's Scientist of the Year Lecture

    Environmental historian Verena Winiwarter received the Austrian Scientist of the Year Award for 2014 and became the first in her field to given this honor. Join us on October 27 as she discusses her research on the Danube River and how the mistakes of environmental history can be turned into lessons for a sustainable future. To view the invitation. 


  • The Austrian Start-Up and Innovation Scene

    Austria offers one of the most attractive incentive systems for R&D activities in Europe, featuring substantial financing options for start-ups along with cash grants for later-stage companies. The event will provide an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, researchers and investors to learn more about Austria’s advantages as a location for innovative start-ups. The 2014 Roadshow is set to take place on November 3, 2014 at 6:00 pm at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York. To view the invitation.


  • Exhibition of Martin Karplus in New York

    Austrian-born chemist, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University, and Nobel laureate Martin Karplus has spent the past fifty years consumed by a passion for documenting humanity in thousands of photographs. Sourced from Europe, Asia, and the Americas, his photographs capture societies at pivotal moments in their cultural and economic development in rich Kodachrome color. His images from the Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, Italy, France, Yugoslavia, and Germany will present the closure of a bygone lifestyle as societies have modernized and rebuilt in the wake of World War 2 and the dawning of the Cold War. Come visit the exhibit from September 25th until November 28th, open daily from 10am-6pm. To view the invitation

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Just a few days left to register to the Austrian Scientist of the Year lecture, Oct 27 at the Austrian Embassy http://t.co/k3Ppfp4I1l


The Office of Science and Technology Austria
ost events"Bridging research and innovation between Austria and North America" is the mission of the Office of Science and Technology Austria (OSTA) at the Embassy of Austria in Washington, DC.
Our core competences are:
  • Expanding and maintaining RINA- an interdisciplinary network of Austrian researchers, R&D managers, and S&T policy experts in North America
  • Consulting and providing information - mainly via the OSTA's online quarterly Bridges -  on Austrian and North American science, research, and innovation policy
  • Providing support and advice for initiation of new R&D cooperation between Austrian and North American institutions
OSTA is the strategic interface in the science, research, and innovation policy between Austria and North America. Established in 2001, OSTA is an inter-ministerial initiative of the Austrian federal ministries BMEIA, BMWFW and BMVIT.